'Making Mumma Strong From the Inside to the Out.'


Yes this place is about you. Motherhood can be quite overwhelming especially for the first time. There are a lot of demands physically and mentally which are not talked enough about especially in you early postnatal days. Once we have our baby we are just left on our own not having a clue what actually happens to our body after birth(Inside and out). 
Not only is exercise good to make your body strong but it does wonders for your mental health. If anyone deserves to look and feel good it is you..Prepare for your birth and for those multitasking moments; carrying baby in one hand whilst cooking with the other and doing laundry with your feet (I'm just playing).



Create more Energy! Be more Confident! Feel and look Good from the inside to the out!

As a mummy getting fit and staying healthy seems absolutely impossible. The sleepless nights, endless washing/washing up.. the last thing you want to do is exercise. I am not here to tell you it will be easy(I'm sorry) but I am here to tell you it is blimp worth it. That bit of sweat you do for yourself is a lot for you- mentally and physically. The hardest thing is getting started.. but once you start that first 5 minutes of exercise you will keep going. Let me help you!



"A happy mum, A happy home"




Bump & Me

This program contains three stages to go with your three trimesters in pregnancy. This is a great opportunity to train correctly through your pregnancy with me. Each program is designed around your needs with the pregnancy touches from me. Let me help you get through your pregnancy fitness journey. This will not only help you during pregnancy but this will prepare you for birth and you postnatal recovery. Lets keep this momma-to-be-strong.

 Do remember your energy levels will vary a lot of the time so be kind to yourself. Please do not exercise to exhaustion, and make sure you keep hydrated. Tip; always leave your workout feeling like you could do 10 minutes more.


4 month Post Pregnancy exercise journey

This program is a four month post pregnancy journey mainly for new mums' but also great for any mum wanting to get fit. You will be working with me throughout this program. I know how daunting post birth can be so let me help you start your fitness journey the right way. This program is about creating a strong core and pelvic floor. rehabbing our body with care and protection. With a healthy well balanced diet you can achievement great results. Of course their will be ups'and'downs but thats what I am here for, Lets do this together.


8 week program

This program is suitable for women that are not new to exercise and have no diastasis recti separation. You have to be at least 6 months postpartum to do this program. This program will challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone. This is great for those mummers' that have finished my 6 month postnatal program.



Before you start your journey, this will explain everything you will need to know about all of my exercise programs.

Your exercise programme is simple to follow with a step-by-step routine full of exercises that are safe and effective.

All programs clearly demonstrate which exercise you should be doing with pictures and technique tips.


2 Resistance bands, looped and straight as they will be needed throughout this program.


You can be creative and use what is in your home; water bottles;weights, resistance bands/hand towel, pilates ball;cushion.

But for best results please purchase the bands.

Your exercise programme will be sent via email in a PDF document that can be seen on all IPads/Laptops/mobile devices.
Each programme is designed by myself. All programmes emphasis on the safety of pregnancy and post pregnancy training with detail of correct technique so you can gain as much as you can from my exercise programmes.

Your exercise programme is suitable for all fitness levels; beginner through to advanced.

During your early postnatal period it is about starting from a 'blank canvas' and learning how to reconnect with your body however our bodies have muscle memory, so keeping active throughout pregnancy (if you can) is incredibly beneficial.

These programmes are designed to work around and with the demands of  motherhood. I want to make your fitness journey a pleasure and not another chore!

Keep an eye on my social media for your dose of motivation and support.

I will also be in touch via email on a weekly basis to check-in and support you throughout your journey.

Please follow your exercise programme with a well balanced nutritional diet. You will receive nutrition advice aswel as a shopping list and some vitamin tips to help you create great energy with great realistic results. 

Remember this journey is for you, so what you put in is what you will get out, and I am here to help you! We can do this....

Make sure you #mymummyfitness on all of your social media journey updates! So what are you waiting for.... click below and email me!



London, UK